Art Camp in Blue Ridge Mountains of N. Ga.

Blue Ridge Mtn. Arts Assoc. Summer Youth Art  Camp July 2014

Blue Ridge Mtn. Arts Assoc. Summer Youth Art Camp July 2014

Rug Designers at age 8, who would have knew?

Yes, even at the tender age of eight humans are designers. This came to me as my art camp students became fully absorbed during the design phase of our weaving class.

I gave each student a circular design sheet after a brief discussion about color wheel basics. Each and every student was fully engaged during the discussion and it was easy to see that this was going to be the most rewarding part of our weaving class. The designs emerged one by one as the students considered the colors of materials in each of their own supply piles.  Most of them had the concept of the spiral design because they had completed the practice piece on a small scale using the embroidery hoops. These new designs would be done on a larger scale using a hula hoop loom, so they all became very serious about how they wanted their projects to turn out.

Two students who were spending summer vacation together came up with the idea of crafting ‘Friendship Rugs’. They would each do a rug of their own in one design of a rainbow collage of colors in a spiral format, placing one single color in the complete row alternating white or tan in between each rainbow color as they went. The design was drawn in great detail, but they did not return to class on Friday. I didn’t get a photo of their projects.

Another student, who was quite attached to her six cats, wanted to make a rug for her tree house. And since all her materials were dark earth tones, it seemed she had put some thought into that design. She often referred back to her design as she worked on it in a very methodical pace, checking and double checking her pattern of ‘under/over’ and asking me to check her work periodically. Her parents came to our Show and Tell event on Friday and were quite delighted with the project results. Here’s a picture of her work.

Zoey's Earth Tone Art Rug

Zoey’s Earth Tone Art Rug

One of the students warmed my heart by bringing all old t-shirts from her own closet and dresser drawers. Her rug was a beautiful lavender, blue, and green rug. Her design took all of her materials into consideration, and she used up most of her materials during class. She enjoyed the class and worked quietly without much help becoming quite the expert at weaving in the round.

Emily's Lavender Rug

Emily’s Lavender Rug

Most students chose a two tone color scheme using two complimentary colors from the color wheel that they also had in their material stash.  The design sheets reflected those patterns of alternating the two colors. Their projects pretty much followed their design sheets with occasionally adding a third color to the design as they ran out of certain colors. Here is one of those projects completed by Lola.

Lola's Creation

Lola’s Creation

One student, who had missed the first day of class and had not yet made her practice piece, designed her rug into wedge shapes of color. I knew that this would be a difficult design to accomplish as it would entail changing the weft threads more often than the other projects would need. She decided on alternating the warp into black and white and then alternating the weft colors in the design choices of her wedge pattern.  Here is Hannah’s two tone rug.

Hannah's Two Tone Wonder

Hannah’s Two Tone Wonder

Overall, Art Camp was a huge success for the Green Craft Studio.  I will be happy to do that camp all over again next summer if they call me in as a return instructor.

Have a happy summer all you arts and craft campers!


Are You Ready to Party? (fellow Etsyians and local Ellijay folks gather to Recapture…)

vintage recap

1920 girl wHorse

Our Etsy Ellijay Team Captain, Melisa Searcy of Blessed Bee Melisa, is hosting a 2014 ‘Ready to Craft?’ Party in Ellijay, Georgia on Friday, June 6th. In line with the Craft Party theme for Etsy in 2014 our party will include the ‘Recapture: Bring new meaning to old photographs’ projects as we interpret them, as well as how Etsy recommended in the How-Tuesday: Embroidered Postcard project blog. (

As Team Leader, I have come up with a Recapture craft project involving transferring a photo image to fabric via the inkjet printer. I’ve been working on the project examples in the studio and wanted to share the results with all of you. I am very proud of my results in these zippered wristlet pouches.  You can find one in my Etsy shop, too.  (

vintage recap

1920 girl wHorse






recap vint

Vintage recap


vintage recap in blue

Girl in Blue cap


I’ll never forget how excited I was to learn that I could print my very own sew-in product labels to fabric using a little spray basting adhesive and card stock paper. Its amazing what you can create with an Avery online design template for transfers or for paper labels all of which is easily turned into a fabric printing project. Check out mine in the photos below.

sewin labels

Avery designed sew in labels

Directions for printing to fabric involve just a few basic steps:

  1. Spray the card stock with the adhesive.
  2. Cut the fabric to size, approx. 8×11”–a little over so you can trim it back with a rotary cutter after you adhere it to the card stock.
  3. Set it into the printer just as you would normal card stock.
  4. Print.

And WAA LAH! You’ve printed to your fabric.

So, when Etsy announced it’s Recapture Old Photo theme for the Craft Party this year, I was all over it. My first idea, which is transferring old photos to polymer clay, is another interpretation of the Etsy Craft party theme. Melisa makes jewelry and has been wanting to make her own supplies, so this will give her the opportunity to explore it with friends and fellow Etsyians. We are pulling together a couple of How-To videos and simple instruction sheets on this one. We found a very good tutorial video on Pinterest; ( Melisa is working on the project examples from her studio and when she has pictures to share, I will post them here.

I got excited when I saw those edible flower sugar cookies on the How-Tuesday Etsy blog, so expect to see those at the brunch buffet table. Here is the link to the recipe/How-to on Etsy. ( And aren’t the cookies scrumptious in my pictures, too.

cookies w flowers

Edible flower shortbread

As we accomplish more on our party preparations, this blog will be updated.

“Are You Ready to CRAFT Party?”

Go to the Eventbrite link to join in the Ellijay fun….

Crafting Green at Camp Green Craft

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Crafting Green at Camp Green Craft


(The green craft of weaving a rug on a hula hoop loom.)

The hunt is on….

    Hunting materials for the camp led me down a path of exploration. Routinely, I visit our local thrift stores in Ellijay, Georgia, but for this camp project, I ventured into the unknown.

    My first trip took me to the north, a town in North Carolina called Murphy. There is a thrift shop there packed full of clothing, linens and other household items to explore. I took advantage of the sale on winter clothes and scooped up all the long sleeve t-shirts I could hold. Blues, reds, whites and browns were among the few colors found.

    Next, my venture led me to the town just north of Ellijay in north Georgia, Blue Ridge. I found a thrift store I didn’t know existed: Habitat for Humanity thrift. It did not have clothing, but I found linens and jewelry that will help in my crafting of purses and key rings. Off to the next shop.

   Back in Ellijay, Georgia, I visited the local thrifts and consignments (our town has more than you can count on one hand) scouring the racks for t-shirts in XXLg. I hunted every week of March and found a few each week until I filled a plastic bin with nearly every color there was.

Let the gathering begin…

   Gathering tools for the camp was necessary, but not near as exciting as the hunt for materials. After confirming the number of students who would participate this time, I decided to hold the camp at my home outside on the carport. I have plenty of tables and lots of room and the weather was nice, so it was good plan.

   Camp day arrived and the carport was set. Four tables were in place as work surfaces and the conrete carport was covered with throw rugs so the kids could get down and get comfortable if they wanted to work on a lower surface. Campers arrived with bags of T-shirts, so my stash was only used for filler.

   The best pair of shears were brought by one of the parents who cuts left handed. They were a spring type shear designed to reduce stress on the hand while cutting, a practical ergonomic design. I provided extra pairs of fabric shears for the craft because I anticipated that the scissors brought by kids would most likely not work for cutting the t-shirts to create the jersey loops for weaving. Parents jumped in to assist with this step, and was I ever glad. It turned out to be a challenge for all.

   Exploring the art of weaving through a Hula Hoop loom turned out to be a fun way to craft with kids. Everyone brought a hula hoop of some sort. There were lighted ones, weighted ones, basic Dollar Store ones and lovely large glittery ones. Although the large hoops were a bit cumbersome to work with on the tabletops, the resulting projects were AWESOME!

Expression through art is a beautiful thing to watch.

Camp Green Craft showed me how this is true.

   Every student approached their weaving project from their very own perspective. Each experience was their very own and each rug was so unique. One very shy and usually reserved student gave a wonderful commentary on her rug when it was finished. She enthusiastically described each area of her weaving process with such emotion that I was enthralled by it. She ended by saying: “I love this! I really love doing this! I want to do this again real soon!” I believe every student there thoroughly enjoyed the HUNTING, the GATHERING, and the EXPLORING experienced during this camp, and I cannot wait to do it again, too.

Thank you to all who joined us for the Camp Green Craft on April 20th, 2014.


If you would like to hire Camp Green Craft to come to you for a Craft Party, complete the contact form to get started. Cost is minimal.

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Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Association (BRMAA) in Blue Ridge, Georgia 706-632-2144

Summer Youth Art Camp Schedule for classes taught by Becca of Becca’s Green Craft Studio

June 24-27, 10am-12pm Rugs & More (ages 10+)…Crochet Rugs using Jersey Loop yarn made by up-cycling t-shirts.

June 24-27, 1pm-3pm Fabric Flowers Round 1 (ages 9+)…Use discarded t-shirts to create fabric flowers and turn them into accessories for the girls.

July 1-4, 10am-12pm Weaving in the Round (ages 7+)…Weave a coaster, placemat and rug using up-cycled t-shirts and a round loom—embroidery hoops and hula hoops.

July 1-4, 1pm-3pm Fabric Flowers Round 2 (9+)…Learn to sew with a needle and thread and build fabric flower accessories as you go. Melted fabric flowers as time permits.

Bazaar Stars


Riverfest Arts & Crafts Show in Canton, GA U.S.A. September 2013

To be or not to be ….a Bazaar Star?

In my life I have only participated in two craft festivals from behind the counter—once as an assistant to a friend who makes jewelry and once as owner of Green Craft Studio. There is a big difference between assisting and doing the show. The preparatory work alone makes me shudder to consider. There are so many thoughts to process….what NEW items to produce…and how much stock to prepare…and the pricing and tagging….and the signage…. the TO DO LIST grows and grows …and suddenly, it’s SHOWTIME! Which translates: SMILE, SMILE, SMILE until your face hurts.

That’s my plan for success during my next show anyways.

Appealing to the masses can be a looming task for any artist, but especially one who designs and creates products one at a time like I do. I take cues on what to produce from my custom requests filtering into the studio through my online etsy shop:  As I attempt to fill the booth with complimentary items, I envision a Shabby Country Cottage Chic arrangement in shades of the season. You will see vintage inspired handmade bags and aprons among other vintage or vintage inspired accessories for the lady(s) in your life.

Everything in the booth is handmade. And whether its my line of Ruffled Flapper Totes  in 3 sizes or Retro Kitcheyware Aprons for guys and gals, the booth is sure to be filled with a feast for your eyes. Don’t be surprised if you feel nostalgic as you stroll through, browsing until your hearts content, after all everything from the studio is taken from the past. They all lived as something else prior to becoming a product of the Green Craft Studio because the materials are re-purposed clothing or linens. The prices are very affordable, but the quality is superb.  I know you will go home with something you just love!

I also know that as long as I can SMILE, I can get through the craft show with success. Greeting everyone who walks by the booth might be a bit over the top, but I hope to meet as many new folks as possible. If you get to come to the mountains of North Georgia this autumn, be sure to plan time for the Mountain Moonshine Festival in Dawsonville, Georgia and look for us. Stop by and register for a chance to win a holiday shopping coupon card, so you can shop LOCAL online w/ me and my fellow Etsyians.

This blog will be updated as the dates for the Mountain Moonshine Festival draw near.  Mark your 2014 calendar: Sat/Sun, Oct. 25, 26 in Dawsonville, Georgia.

Thanks for reading my bazaar star blog. Return for more …new blogs weekly.


becky portrait

Creative Engineer: Becca Shuler

Midwestern by birth, Southern by Heritage: Parents and Grandparents hale from Alabama

Informal Education: Hands-on:  Sewing clothes to quilts, draperies, artistic decorating & specialty painting techniques. Mom & Grandmother (longtime crafters) taught me everything they know.  What they didn’t know, my Aunt taught me! The love of Crochet!

Formal Education: College: 1995 Highest Honors Grad.; North Metro Technical College, BOT; Acworth, GA

Experience: Entrepreneur, Designer, Teacher, Manager

My husband and I relocated from the bustling city of Woodstock, Georgia in 2000 to Ellijay, Georgia. We so wanted to slow our pace, and what better place to do that than up here in the mountains of North Georgia where creative folks thrive! We opened our very own retail business, Cottage Interiors. It was a fabric shop devoted to quilting and drapery making. It held its own and prospered until the year 2005. Although that business closed, we still are entrepreneurs. My husband owns and operates an Air Duct Cleaning service business and continues to try his hand at creative writing, compiling a book of poetry for publication in the near future. If I’m not out working for others around their homes, then you’ll find me busy in my Sewing Studio, working on new creations to sell at the local shops and markets.

and away we GO!

Etsy avatar large

I registered with, so I could comment on an existing post on the NORGA Etsy Team website (, and suddenly I am creating my own blog website and writing my first blog ever.

So here we go!

I run an Etsy shop called Green Craft Studio. I work from home, sewing products that I design and sell on Etsy. When I was just a teeny bopper growing up in the 70’s, my mom sewed from home. She designed and fabricated costumes for a rock band. How cool is that, right? I thought it was real cool, but I had no idea how much work went into those costumes–most of Mom’s sewing happened after all the family went to sleep. I’d like to think that my products are real cool, just as cool as what mom did in the 70’s, but I’ll let my readers be the judge of that. I guess that’s why you see the 70’s influence on my favorite item, the Hip2Bsquare BoHo Bag. It is the most popular item I make. It is a beautiful purse that holds everything but the kitchen sink.  I get custom requests for it all the time. It happens to be my favorite thing to make, too.

So, I thought it should be featured in my first Studio Blog… see more at my website: and see more products made in North Georgia U.S.A. at (NORGA/North Georgia Etsy team members featured there.)


HIP2B BoHo Blue Lady 4picsin1HIP2B Paris Aqua bling 3picsin1HIP2B WhiteBritebeads


HIP2B Organic Orange 2HIP2B BoHo Baby BlueHIP2B Teal Poppies 1

Hip2Bsquare Boho bags like this one at

Hip2Bsquare Boho bags like this one at