Are You Ready to Party? (fellow Etsyians and local Ellijay folks gather to Recapture…)

vintage recap

1920 girl wHorse

Our Etsy Ellijay Team Captain, Melisa Searcy of Blessed Bee Melisa, is hosting a 2014 ‘Ready to Craft?’ Party in Ellijay, Georgia on Friday, June 6th. In line with the Craft Party theme for Etsy in 2014 our party will include the ‘Recapture: Bring new meaning to old photographs’ projects as we interpret them, as well as how Etsy recommended in the How-Tuesday: Embroidered Postcard project blog. (

As Team Leader, I have come up with a Recapture craft project involving transferring a photo image to fabric via the inkjet printer. I’ve been working on the project examples in the studio and wanted to share the results with all of you. I am very proud of my results in these zippered wristlet pouches.  You can find one in my Etsy shop, too.  (

vintage recap

1920 girl wHorse






recap vint

Vintage recap


vintage recap in blue

Girl in Blue cap


I’ll never forget how excited I was to learn that I could print my very own sew-in product labels to fabric using a little spray basting adhesive and card stock paper. Its amazing what you can create with an Avery online design template for transfers or for paper labels all of which is easily turned into a fabric printing project. Check out mine in the photos below.

sewin labels

Avery designed sew in labels

Directions for printing to fabric involve just a few basic steps:

  1. Spray the card stock with the adhesive.
  2. Cut the fabric to size, approx. 8×11”–a little over so you can trim it back with a rotary cutter after you adhere it to the card stock.
  3. Set it into the printer just as you would normal card stock.
  4. Print.

And WAA LAH! You’ve printed to your fabric.

So, when Etsy announced it’s Recapture Old Photo theme for the Craft Party this year, I was all over it. My first idea, which is transferring old photos to polymer clay, is another interpretation of the Etsy Craft party theme. Melisa makes jewelry and has been wanting to make her own supplies, so this will give her the opportunity to explore it with friends and fellow Etsyians. We are pulling together a couple of How-To videos and simple instruction sheets on this one. We found a very good tutorial video on Pinterest; ( Melisa is working on the project examples from her studio and when she has pictures to share, I will post them here.

I got excited when I saw those edible flower sugar cookies on the How-Tuesday Etsy blog, so expect to see those at the brunch buffet table. Here is the link to the recipe/How-to on Etsy. ( And aren’t the cookies scrumptious in my pictures, too.

cookies w flowers

Edible flower shortbread

As we accomplish more on our party preparations, this blog will be updated.

“Are You Ready to CRAFT Party?”

Go to the Eventbrite link to join in the Ellijay fun….


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