becky portrait

Creative Engineer: Becca Shuler

Midwestern by birth, Southern by Heritage: Parents and Grandparents hale from Alabama

Informal Education: Hands-on:  Sewing clothes to quilts, draperies, artistic decorating & specialty painting techniques. Mom & Grandmother (longtime crafters) taught me everything they know.  What they didn’t know, my Aunt taught me! The love of Crochet!

Formal Education: College: 1995 Highest Honors Grad.; North Metro Technical College, BOT; Acworth, GA

Experience: Entrepreneur, Designer, Teacher, Manager

My husband and I relocated from the bustling city of Woodstock, Georgia in 2000 to Ellijay, Georgia. We so wanted to slow our pace, and what better place to do that than up here in the mountains of North Georgia where creative folks thrive! We opened our very own retail business, Cottage Interiors. It was a fabric shop devoted to quilting and drapery making. It held its own and prospered until the year 2005. Although that business closed, we still are entrepreneurs. My husband owns and operates an Air Duct Cleaning service business and continues to try his hand at creative writing, compiling a book of poetry for publication in the near future. If I’m not out working for others around their homes, then you’ll find me busy in my Sewing Studio, working on new creations to sell at the local shops and markets.


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